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Award Show (2023)

Why us?


Page3 Awards ensure visible recognition, spotlighting your achievements on a prestigious platform.


Garner extensive media coverage, putting your achievements in the spotlight for a broader audience.

Exclusive Access

Enjoy exclusive events and opportunities, expanding your reach within your industry.

Celebrate Success

Join a community of successful individuals, celebrating three years of excellence together.


Connect with industry leaders and influencers, fostering valuable professional relationships.


Enhance your brand’s credibility with an accolade from a renowned awards ceremony.

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  • Diamond Partner
  • Exclusive logo placement in all promotional materials, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Opportunity for a dedicated keynote session or panel discussion, positioning your brand as a thought leader.
  • Exclusive access to VIP events, fostering high-level networking with industry influencers.
  • Collaborative creation of branded content, showcasing your company’s expertise.
  • Extensive promotion across all social media platforms, reaching a diverse and engaged audience.
  • Prime location for exhibition, maximizing interaction with event attendees.
  • Gold Partner
  • Logo visibility in event materials, creating brand awareness among the audience.
  • Inclusion in a panel discussion, showcasing your brand’s knowledge and expertise.
  • Access to dedicated networking sessions, connecting with potential clients and partners.
  • Recognition on event website and digital platforms, reaching a wide online audience.
  • Space for exhibition, ensuring interaction with event attendees.
  • Silver Partner
  • Inclusion of your logo in event collateral, increasing brand recognition.
  • Opportunity to sponsor a specific session, gaining targeted visibility.
  • Access to general networking events, connecting with a diverse range of professionals.
  • Recognition on the event’s digital channels, expanding your online reach.
  • Space for a modest exhibition, allowing interaction with event participants.

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